2021 Global Studies PhD Field Grant Awards

Announcing the 2021 Global Studies PhD Field Grant Awards (funded via the Global Studies Department):

  • Jahan Ahmed  (Advisor: Distinguished Professor Mark Juergensmeyer)
    • Project: Co-Constructing Islamic Glory – American Orientalism in Cold War Pakistan
  • Sylvia Cifuentes (Advisor: Associate Professor Javiera Barandiaran)
    • Project: Forest monitoring programs, territorial ontologies, and Indigenous autonomy in Amazonia
  • Swaroopa Lahiri (Advisor: Associate Professor Aashish Mehta)
    • Project: Elusive Rain, Migrating Men: Female Farm Operators and the Shifting Agricultural Landscape in Rural India
  • Mariah Miller  (Advisor: Distinguished Professor Jan Nederveen Pieterse)
    • Project: Comparing Social Enterprises in Chengdu, China; Barcelona, Spain; and San Francisco, USA
  • Amanda Pinheiro (Advisor: Associate Professor Nadege T. Clitandre)
    • Project: Understanding Haitijuana: racialized migration regimes and immigrants' resistance in the Latin American Global South
  • Mesadet Sozmen (Advisor: Professor Paul Amar)
    • Project: Democracy, Authoritarianism and the Politics of Gender and Sexuality in Turkey: 1950s to present
  • Leila Zonouzi (Advisor: Professor Janet Afary)
    • Project: The Making of Middle Eastern Intellectual Diasporas in North America: Migrations from Iran, Egypt and Turkey From the 1950s to 2010s

Congrats, and we can't wait to hear more about their research!