Apply for the 2021 Global Studies Award for First Generation Scholars

The Department of Global Studies is pleased to announce our first annual Global Studies Award for First Generation Scholars. This annual award recognizes students who are currently enrolled UCSB first generation students aiming to apply for graduate level degree programs (MA, MBA, PhD, or equivalent level) related to the field of Global and International Studies. The award funds are intended to help supplement the costs of applying to graduate school programs (such as application fees, exams, test prep, tutors, etc), and to encourage first generation students to achieve advanced education opportunities.
The 2021 award is generously supported by various donors to the Department of Global Studies.
Three winners will be selected by faculty judges including Department Chair Alison Brysk, Undergraduate Director Nadège T. Clitandre, and Vice Chair Satyajit Singh. Three winners will receive a $750 award, and will be honored on our Global Studies website and newsletter. 
May 16, 2021: Application Deadline
May 17 - May 21, 2021:  Review period
May 21, 2021:  Winners announced
Submissions are due May 16th and must include all documents listed below:
- Entry form (below)
- Resume
- Statement of Purpose: 2-3 pages, double-spaced format; (Statement can include topics such as:  Why you are seeking an advanced degree; Academic and relevant achievements in research and critical thinking;  Descriptions of several Global Studies-related issues in which are you interested in researching;
Examples of the research questions and methods to pursue within your interested global issues; Which fields/positions you foresee working in, e,g., NGO's, private industry)
Please submit your documents in .pdf format. Save your files using your last name and the name of the document as follows:
For students who receive Financial Aid:   this Global Studies award will be added to your Financial Aid Award Letter, which in some cases may result in adjustments to your overall aid.  Please contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships to learn more about how this may affect your aid. The funds will be disbursed to your BARC account.