Masters Curriculum

Academic courses are 4 units each and full-time study is 3 courses, or 12 units, per quarter. The curriculum for the M.A. degree in Global Studies consists of 60 units of graduate-level work in core and elective courses with all courses passed with a Letter Grade of “B” or higher. The UCSB General Catalog and Schedule of Courses have the most updated Global Studies M.A. degree course information. Additionally, two years of a second language are required for the M.A. degree, which may be met prior to entering the program.

In addition to departmental admissions and degree requirements, students must also meet university admissions and degree requirements, as described in the Graduate Education section of the UCSB General Catalog. 

During summer and fall quarter of the second year, independent research takes place during the internship and/or study abroad program component of the program. Students will enroll in 12 units of GLOBL 598 for research credit. 

During the final two quarters, the second-year students will take additional graduate-level elective courses in the students’ chosen areas of specialization and complete independent study courses (GLOBL 596A and 596B) in winter and spring with their primary faculty advisor. The degree is earned with completion and approval of the Master’s Plan I thesis, submitted spring or summer of the second year.

Electives may be chosen from other departments in addition to courses in Global Studies. Graduate-level courses are courses numbered 200 and above. Some courses are variable units (choose the number of units) and/or letter graded or pass/fail. Electives must receive a letter grade B or better to meet degree requirements. Special Topics courses (numbered 292) vary each term in content and instructor—check with home departments each term for the course topic and/or instructor (e.g., GLOBL 292, SOC 292, ANTH 292). Up to 2 courses of upper-division undergraduate courses (courses numbered 100-199) may count towards elective requirements with prior approval from the Department.