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Sikhism and Sikh Diaspora

Diasporas and Development

International Political Economy

Indian and Chinese Development

Role of China and India in Sub-Saharan Africa


Founder-editor of the Journal of Punjab Studies (now Journal of Sikh and Punjab Studies), in publication since 1994. The Journal has been published by the Center for Sikh & Punjab Studies at UC Santa Barbara since 2004. Also one of the founders and later Convenor of the Punjab Research Group which was established in the UK in 1984.

He has published widely on Indian, Punjabi and Sikh migration and on transnational practices of Sikhs, especially Sikh diaspora’s homeland relations. He is co-author (with Michael Fisher and Shompa Lahiri) of A South Asian History of Britain: Four Centuries of Peoples from the Indian Sub-Continent, (Greenwood Press, 2007). He has co-edited two books: Punjabi Identity in a Global Context [ed. with Pritam Singh, OUP, 1999) and People on the Move: Punjabi Colonial and Post Colonial Migration [edited with Ian Talbot, OUP, 2004).  He is currently working on a book on Global Sikhism

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Janet Afary Religious Studies HSSB 3047
Lalaie Ameeriar Asian American Studies HSSB 5032
Ralph Armbruster-Sandoval Chicano Studies SH 1706
Jean Beaman Sociology SSMS 3429
Kum-Kum Bhavnani Sociology SSMS 3024
Juan Campo Religious Studies HSSB 3054
Benjamin Cohen Political Science EH 3812
Timothy Cooley Music Music1101
Michael Curtin Film & Media Studies SSMS 2318
John Foran Sociology SSMS 3417
Sabine Frühstück East Asian Studies HSSB 2232
Lisa Hajjar Sociology SSMS 3018
Mary Hancock Anthropology HSSB 2071
Richard Hecht Religious Studies HSSB 3076
Nelson Lichtenstein History HSSB 4256
Fernando Lopez-Alves Sociology SSMS 3415
David López-Carr Geography EH 4836
W. Patrick McCray History HSSB 4224
Stephan Miescher History HSSB 4241
Kathleen Moore Religious Studies HSSB 3073
Ann Plane Feminist Studies HSSB 4215
Rita Raley English SH 2703
Dwight F. Reynolds Religious Studies HSSB 3056
William Robinson Sociology SSMS 3310
Leila J. Rupp History SH 4710
Sherene Seikaly History HSSB 4223
Michael Stohl Communication SSMS 4125
Edward Telles Sociology SSMS 3423
Casey Walsh Anthropology HSSB 2081
Mayfair Yang Religious Studies/East Asian HSSB 3084