Allison L. McManus

MA Cohort 2011


global culture, ideology and religion


Allison McManus studied International Relations and French at Tufts University, where her research focused on analysis of relations between the Maghreb region (North Africa) and France; primarily she studied the lasting effects of colonialism in Algeria and Morocco on the North African immigrant populations living in France.

Allison L. McManus is a Master's candidate in the Global and International Studies program. Her research focuses on narratives of democratization in North Africa, with a special interest on the treatment of religion and street mobilization in media and academic analyses. Allison spent six months of summer and fall 2012, conducting research in Morocco on the role of the February 20th movement and the Jamiat Al Adl Wal Ihsane. In addition to her studies she contributes as an editor, translator and author at



2013; Discourses of democracy : 20 February Process and Al Adl Wal Ihsane. Forthcoming paper to be presented the Global Studies Association's North America Conference.

2013; Exposing Sexual Violence in Morocco: An Interview with Nadir Bouhmouch.,

2013; Islam and Radical Democracy in Morocco. Paper presented at the Santa Barbara Global Studies Conference.

2013; Politics After Abdessalam Yassine.,

2012 Art, Politics and Critical Citizenry: An Interveiw with Driss Ksikes.,

2012; ‘Arab Spring,’ Moroccan Winter., (Translated to French and published as Une stabilité de façade. Le Monde International. N?1148)

2012; Moroccan Judiciary in the Wake of the 'Arab Spring.' Paper presented at the Santa Barbara Global Studies Conference.

 2012; El Haqed: Examining Morocco’s Judicial Reform in 2012.,

Credited for research

Nederveen Pieterse, J. (2012) Periodizing Globalization: Histories of Globalization.  New Global Studies. 6:2. 1-25.

Worker Rights Consortium (2013) Global Wage Trends for Apparel Workers. Center for American Progress Working Paper.




GLOBL 2 - Global Pol/Econ; FALL 2011
GLOBL 120 - Global Ideol/WrldOrdr; WINTER 2012
SOC 130 GR - Global & Resist; WINTER 2013
GLOBL 2 - Global Pol/Econ; SPRING 2013