Ashkon Molaei

Graduate Student
MA Cohort 2017


Global Governance, Human Rights, Ideology, Religion, Culture and Civil Society


Ashkon received his Bachelors of Arts in Global Studies and Economics from UC Santa Barbara in 2013. After graduating, he travelled to Iran to solidify his grasp on Persian language and has since worked on attaining further education in the Arabic language and Political Science. Having taken extensive coursework in accounting, he has worked in management within the accounting sector in the Los Angeles area. His time spent out of university has been instrumental in preparing to continue his academic career and clarifying his academic areas of interest and research topics. Having an extensive background in topics relevant to Iranian politics and society, Ashkon hopes to expand his research into the greater MENA region and Muslim majority societies and understand the relationship of religion and the state in the Middle East, and in general. As of the summer of 2017, Ashkon has undergone a full immersion Arabic program in Rabat, Morocco.

Outside of class, Ashkon is enthusiastic in learning about other cultures and understanding differences in custom. Coming from an Iranian-American household, he appreciates how cultural heritage enriches our individual perspectives and expands interpersonal relations. He hopes to engage more with and be immersed in multicultural activities while at UCSB.


  • Politics of Gender and Sexuality
  • Islamism vs the Secular State
  • Contemporary Political Theory
  • Middle Eastern Comparative Government 
  • Socio-political Movements of the Middle East
  • Social Theories on Otherness


Teaching Assistant (F'17): GLOBL 1 - Global History, Culture, and Ideology

Teaching Assistant (W'18): GLOBL 110 - Global Culture and Ethics

Teaching Assistant (S'18): GLOBL 110 - Global Culture and Ethics