Ph.D. Emphasis - Courses Offered

Ph.D. Emphasis - Courses Previously Offered (Historical)


  • ANTH 204 World Agriculture, Food and Population [Cleveland]
  • ANTH 226 Religion, Media, and Culture [Hancock]
  • ANTH 222 Ethnicity and Race in the Americas [Roe]
  • ANTH 250JP Ethnology in Agriculture, Farm Labor and Rural Communities [Palerm]


  • COMM 222B Macro Organizational Communication [Stohl]
  • COMM 594 Understanding Terrorism through Interpersonal, Organizational and Media Communication [Stohl]

Comparative Literature

  • C LIT 200 Productions of Truth: Literature, Politics, and the Arts [Weber/Bloom]
  • C LIT 200 The Question of the Humanities [Fogu/Gardner]
  • C LIT 237 Literature and the Sacred [Hecht]
  • C LIT 200 Trauma, Memory, History [Derwin]
  • C LIT 200 Representation, Power, and the Future of Critical Theory: Reading Foucault [Spieker]
  • C LIT 200 Colonial Discourse and Post-Colonial Theory [Gardner]
  • C LIT 200 Religion and Literature [Maleuvre]
  • C LIT 200 The Big Archive, Storage - Memory- Media [Spieker]
  • C LIT 200 Media technology [Kittler]
  • C LIT 200 Humanities and Human Rights in Times of Torture [Weber]
  • C LIT 200 Deconstructions: Derrida on Religion [Weber]
  • C LIT 200 Memory, Mourning and History After Auschwitz [Derwin]
  • C LIT 200/FRENCH 231F World Literature/Littérature Monde [Prieto]
  • CLIT 210: Prosem in COMP LIT [Nesci] 
  • CLIT 200: Sem Comp Lit --Works of Walter Benjamin and Jacques Derrida [Weber] 
  • CLIT 260: Translation theory [Snyder]

East Asian Languages & Cultural Studies

  • CHIN 270 New Taiwan Cinema [Berry or Staff]
  • CHIN 274 Hong Kong Cinema [Berry or Staff]
  • CHIN 241 Issues in Contemporary Chinese Society [Yang]
  • CHIN 242 Anthropology of China [Yang]
  • CHIN 238A Special Topics in Taiwan Studies - Humanities [Staff]
  • CHIN 238B Special Topics in Taiwan Studies - Social Science [Staff]
  • CHIN 255 The Role of Language Contact in the History of Chinese Language [Yu]
  • CHIN 285CR Reading Seminar on the Chinese Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) [Zheng]
  • EACS 200AS Great Books in East Asian History [Zheng]
  • EACS 215 Topics in Modern East Asian Cultural Studies [Staff]
  • EACS 218 The Art and Theory of Translation [Staff]
  • EACS 260 Methods, Politics, and Epistemology: Doing Ethnography in Asia [Lewallen]
  • EACS 268 Religion, the State, and Modernity in Asia [Yang]
  • EACS 271 Buddhism and Local Cults in Asia [Rambelli]
  • EACS 276 Buddhist Political Thought and Institutions [Rambelli]
  • EACS 278 Buddhist Geography [Rambelli]
  • JAPAN 226 Japan Modern [Fruhstuck]
  • JAPAN 235 Representation in Japanese and European Drama [Saltzman-Li]
  • JAPAN 258 True to Life: The "Natural" Novels of Natsume Soseki and Henry James [Nathan]
  • JAPAN 262 Representations of Sexuality in Modern Japan [Fruhstuck]
  • JAPAN 263 Modernity and the Masses of Taisho Japan [Fruhstuck]
  • JAPAN 265 Popular Culture in Japan [Fruhstuck]


  • ED 209G Ethnic Identity [Hudley]
  • ED 210G Cross-Cultural Psychology [Ho]
  • ED 272 Global Education, Local Issues: Traditional and Western Education [Cook-Gumperz]
  • ED 276 Immigrant Education & Literacy Development [Duran/Romo]


  • ENGL 236 Genealogies of the Postcolonial [Ghosh]
  • ENGL 274A American Cultures and Global Contexts [Gunn]
  • ENGL 274C American Cultures and Global Contexts [Gunn]
  • ENGL 235 Fanon [Scott]
  • ENGL Transatlantic Identities and Asia Pacific [Raley]
  • ENGL 236 Globalization in the Contemporary Moment [Raley]
  • ENGL 274B American Cultures and Global Contexts [Gunn]
  • ENGL 234 B Tarrying with Specters: Studies in Contemporary Fiction [Ghosh]
  • ENGL 243 Studies in Twentieth Century Literature: Cityscapes: Mobility, Transience, Flows [Maurizia Boscogli]

Feminist Studies

  • FEMST 210 Labors [Boris] 
  • FEMST 215 Intersectional Perspectives
  • FEMST 220 Gender and Sexualities [Rupp] 
  • FEMST 240 Transnational Feminisms
  • FEMST 250 Feminist Theories
  • FEMST 260 Feminist Research Methods
  • FEMST 270 Feminist Epistemology

Film and Media Studies

  • FM 249 Postcolonial Media
  • FM 268 Paradigms of Globalization
  • FM 242FP Film Philosophy & Aesthetics
  • FM 262AA-ZZ Special Topics in Film and/or Media Globalization
  • FM 226 National Cinemas
  • FM 232 Post-Nafta Media
  • FM262 GM Global Media
  • FM 262LI Life
  • FM 232AA-ZZ Special Topics in Film and Media History


  • GEOG 288AA-ZZ: Special Topics in Geography
  • GEOG 288 Population, Development and Environment [López-Carr]
  • GEOG 288 Human Dimensions of Global Change [López-Carr]
  • GEOG 109 Economic Geographyt [Sweeny]
  • GEOG 141/241 Population Geography [López-Carr]
  • GEOG 288 Food Security, Food Systems, and Global Change [López-Carr]
  • GEOG 195/ENVS 158/ANTH 158 Evolution, Use and Conservation of Food Crop Diversity [Cleveland]
  • GEOG 171/ENVS 166FP Small-Scale Food Production [Cleveland]
  • GEOG 171BT/ENVS 166BT/ANTH 166BT/ANTH217 Biotechnology, Food and Agriculture [Cleveland]
  • GEOG 206 Agriculture and Food Systems [Cleveland]
  • GEOG135 Mock Environmental Summit [Gautier]
  • GEOG 8 Living with Global Warming [Gautier]
  • GEOG 7 Oil and Water [Gautier]
  • GEOG 211C Seminar in the 4 T's in Life: Time-Use, Transportation, Technology, and Telecommunications [Goulias]
  • GEOG 109 Economic Geography [Sweeney]
  • GEOG 150 Geography of the United States [Montello]
  • GEOG 159 Geography of Europe [Couclelis]
  • GEOG 182 Global Cities [Couclelis]
  • GEOG 161/ENVS 149/ /ANTH 149 World Agriculture, Food and Population [Cleveland]
  • GEOG 148 California Geography [Michaelson]
  • GEOG 155/255 Geography of Latin America [López-Carr]


  • GLOBL 201 Gateway Seminar [Nederveen Pieterse]
  • GLOBL 220 History & Theory of GLobalization [Juergensmeyer]
  • GLOBL 221 Political Economy, Sustainable Development and the Environment [Clemencon]
  • GLOBL 222 Global Culture, Ideology, and Religion [Lezra]
  • GLOBL 223 Global Governance, Human Rights and Religion [Amar]
  • GLOBL 242 Colonialism as Theory and Practice [Lezra]
  • GLOBL 243 Development Theories/Strategies [Nederveen Pieterse]
  • GLOBL 244 Laws and Societies [Darian-Smith]
  • GLOBL 245 Human Rights in Latin America [Amar]
  • GLOBL 246 Human Rights in the Middle East [Amar]
  • GLOBL 247 Global Governance: States, Struggles, Bodies and Sovereignties [Amar]
  • GLOBL 248 Sexuality & Globalization [Amar]
  • GLOBL 271 Global Environmental Law and Policy
  • GLOBL 292GC Special Topics: Globalization and Crisis [Nederveen Pieterse]


  • HIST 200WO World History: epistemologies and methodologies [Méndez]
  • HSIT 200 HS History of Science [Osborne]
  • HIST 200WD World Historical Literature [Spickard]
  • HIST 201AM International Histories of the Vietnam Wars [Chapman]
  • HIST 201C Seminar in Comparative History [Miescher]
  • HIST 201 AF Historical Literature: Africa [Miescher]
  • HIST 201E  Debating Imperial Britain: 1600-present [Rappaport]
  • HIST 201AS Historical Literature: Asia [Roberts]
  • HIST 250B Foundations of Latin American History [Méndez]
  • HIST 250C Foundations of Latin American History [Soto Laveaga]
  • HIST 246A/B Postcolonial and Postmodern Discourses on Africa and the Middle East: Points of Contention [Gallagher]


  • LING 20: Language and Linguistics (take as LING 297 for graduate credit; this course or the equivalent is a prerequisite for graduate coursework in linguistics) [Robinson]
  • LING 223: Languages in Contact [Mithun] 
  • LING 227: Language as Culture [Du Bois] 

Political Science

  • POLS 225 International Relations
  • POLS 273 International Political Economy [Cohen] 
  • POLS 275  War, Diplomacy, and International Security [Narang] 

Religious Studies

  • RGST 204 Anthropology of Religion [Yang]
  • RGST 217 Religion and Sexuality in the Middle East [Afary]
  • RGST 241 Global Religion [Hecht/Juergensmeyer]
  • RGST 254B The Study of Tibet from teh Missionaries to Cultural Studies [Cabezon]
  • RGST 268 Religion, the State, and Modernity in Asia [Yang]
  • RGST 269 Religion and the Media [Yang]
  • RGST 275 Law and Religion [Moore]
  • RGST 283 Islamic Modernities [Campo]


  • SOC 265G Sociology of Globalization [Wm. Robinson]
  • SOC 213 Critical Ethnography [Bhavnani]
  • SOC 265 Development and Its Alternatives [Foran]
  • SOC 294 Introduction to World-Systems [Appelbaum]
  • SOC 230LA Sociology of Latin America [Wm. Robinson]
  • SOC 216D Comparative Hist-Race and Ethnic Relations [Daniel]
  • SOC 265GR Globalization and Resistance [Foran]
  • SOC 265W Women, Culture, Development [Bhavnani]
  • SOC 294 Special Topics: Modernization [Nederveen Pieterse]

Theater & Dance

  • THTR 270B African Theater and Drama [McMahon]
  • THTR 256 Dancing the Diaspora: Tracing the Africanist Presence in Afro-Caribbean and American Worlds [Bennahum]
  • THTR 220 Corporealities: Global Theories of the Dancing Body [Bennahum]
  • THTR 271A Asian Theatre and Drama [Staff]
  • THTR 271B Asian Performance Studies [Staff]
  • THTR 272A European Theatre and Drama [Cabranes-Grant, Williams]
  • THTR 273A Theater and Drama of the Americas [Cabranes-Grant, Morton, King]