EAP Information for Global Majors

General Academic Notes

Although we include some overview academic notes below, we highly recommend reading through our full EAP guidelines for more in-depth details: 


Many Global Studies Majors typically use their EAP coures to cover their Geographic Region (UD Area III) major requirement. However, there are broader opportunities such as fulfilling the language requirement, internship opportunities, and possibly Area IIB courses with careful planning beforehand. 


The Global Studies major has 9 upper division courses:

       3 classes:  Area I - CORE CLASSES Global 110, 120, 130

       3 classes:   Area II - A:  Upperdivision Electives with GLOBAL STUDIES FACULTY and

                          Area II-B: GLOBAL TOPICS in other related departments

       3 classes:   Area III - GEOGRAPHIC REGION


UCSB Residency Requirement:   5 upperdivision courses (20 units) for your major MUST be done at UCSB

         3 classes for Area I (Global 110-120-130) and

       +2 classes for Area II-A (upperdivsion electives with Global Studies Faculty) must be completed at UCSB


Potential ways to incorporate UCEAP courses into your degree requirements:

  • Upper division Area II-B: "Global Topics" -- courses taught by related UCSB departments

This Area II-B requirement can sometimes be completed abroad, but not always. Not all of the EAP locations offer this type of class. For an upper division course to be considered a “global topic," it should focus on 20th-21st century history with social, political, cultural or historical topics applied to at least 3+ different regions (not just countries) of the world.

  • Upper division Area III: "Geographic Region" -- search for 8-12 upperdivision units in this area

You do not need to specifically "match" the courses from EAP with any UCSB courses. We can use ANY upper division course that focuses on 20th century social topics within your particular "Geographic Region" -- please see the major degree sheet for the specific region areas. "Social topics" do NOT typically include  philosophy, theory, art, management, film industry, etc.

It's important to read through the entire criteria and process for petitioning courses (including EAP courses) here.


All units from UCEAP Study Abroad count toward your total units for graduation even though the Global Studies major might only be able to use some of the units. You can take courses abroad as electives or for general interest! Every student needs 180 units to earn a degree, and why not learn about new cultures and places while earning your degree?