Undergraduate Registration Resources

For Winter and Spring 2021, many departments' (Global Studies included) courses are all taught online (mostly with synchronous elements, so you'll need to choose courses where you can commit to attending for the posted time until you learn otherwise from the instructor.) Make your schedule plans accordingly. Watch your email for future updates from UCSB on this question!

The information and links on this page will help you find classes each quarter during Registration Pass Times. Global Studies is an interdisciplinary major using classes from 20 different departments at UCSB. 

Each quarter before Pass 1, we update this information to let you know which courses are being offered; additional information will be sent to the student email list each Friday (you are added to this when you declare the major - please click here if you need to unsubscribe from this email list because you have graduated or left the major.)

  • Visit the Registration Calendar and Registration Pass Times sections of the UCSB Office of the Registrar to check deadlines related to registration and pass times.
  • Use this tutorial and visit this page for some helpful videos on using GOLD to check your overall degree requirements and Major and GE Progress Check/degree progress audit - this helps you know what classes you have taken and what you still have to take, as well as what overall degree requirements you have and have not yet met.
  • Transfer students: Global Studies August 2020 Transfer Student Orientation information: See the Slides and Handouts (and a full video of the workshop here, on our YouTube channel) . (Future junior transfers, you can take a look at these materials as well if you're planning ahead!)

1.  Basic schedule planning + registration help for Global Studies students:

How do I plan my schedule?

  • See here for a detailed tutorial to guide you through reading your Major and GE Progress Check on GOLD (including some troubleshooting tips for how things display sometimes confusingly for the Global Studies major)
  • Look at the major requirements (see below)
  • Use the registration tools on GOLD to find classes that are the right fit for your needs next quarter
  • You may especially want to take a look at the Foreign Language Requirement for the Major FAQ video if you have questions about that part of your major requirements. (International students, here is a document that you especially will want to read about the foreign language requirement.)
  • Transfer students: Global Studies August 2020 Transfer Student Orientation information: See the Slides and Handouts (and a full video of the workshop here, on our YouTube channel) . (Future junior transfers, you can take a look at these materials as well if you're planning ahead!)

Can I make an appointment with the undergraduate advisor for a customized schedule plan?

  • Please watch the detailed schedule planning tutorial video linked above first (and/or download the slides in the description box on the YouTube video)
  • It's very important that you get used to using your Major and GE Progress Check on GOLD and the search tools in GOLD to make sure you are comfortably aware of your own degree progress towards graduation and how to find classes that fit those needs. If you are not aware of your progress in the major and in your overall degree requirements (units completed, GEs still remaining), it increases the likelihood of not graduating on time.
  • If you still have questions after checking your own Major and GE Progress Check, please see the bottom of this page and check the Undergraduate Advising page for further information, including full contact info for our advising staff. We're happy to help once you've given it a try yourself!

Which major requirements do I follow, and where can I find a suggested plan of study for my years in the major?

  • Generally, if you're a declared major, follow whatever version (or "catalog year") of the major you signed up on (see below for links to copies of the major requirements).
  • Special situations if you're not yet a declared major (or need a reminder of which version applies to you) are below:
    • Click here for the 2020-2021 (and beyond) requirements and a suggested plan of study (freshmen who started in fall 2019 and beyond; junior transfers starting at UCSB in fall 2021 and beyond) - if you signed up on the 2019-2020 requirements, these work for you as well - there are just a couple more classes that are pre-approved on the current year version for the major
    • Click here for the 2018-2019 requirements and a suggested plan of study (during the 2020-2021 academic year, juniors and seniors only, including new junior transfers starting at UCSB in fall 2019 and fall 2020, and anyone who originally signed up when the major requirements looked like these - so no, you do NOT suddenly need to complete the pre-major now that there is one if you didn't start signed up with pre-major requirements.)
    • ***Starting in fall 2021, all students declaring the Global Studies major will need to start with the Pre-Global Studies major first, including Fall 2021 junior transfers.***
  • What if I'm taking a course that used to be included on a previous version of the major requirements but isn't now?
    • It's likely the course is older and has been retired off the major sheet; in most cases we can still accept it, but your Major and GE Progress Check might not pick it up (in which case, we can accept it by petition after you've taken it). This is especially true with Global Studies department upper division courses for area IIA (anything besides Global Studies 110/120/130/199).

Additional courses to potentially use by petition + course information you won't see on GOLD or the schedule of classes:

  • Additional courses for the major we could use by petition (special substitutions applied after you complete the course, updated each quarter with the next quarter's schedule options) + General petitions process (coming soon; this will be a place you can check to see if a class you're looking at can "count" towards various parts of the major requirements by petition/substitution)
  • Click here for a list of Global 197 special topics course titles + topics, updated each quarter
    • Be careful and use this also to check if this quarter's Global 197 topic + professor is the same as one you took previously, therefore making it not count towards your major requirements
    • However, you CAN take Global 197s up to two times (as long as they are different topics) for major requirement credit (make sure to select the option when enrolling on GOLD for "additional units and grade" rather than a repeat) and one additional time for upper division elective units
  • UCSB Course Catalog - Global Studies - use this to look up all the classes we've ever taught in the history of the department (keep in mind: many of these are retired now)

What if there's no space in my preferred course choices by the time I'm enrolling?

  • Look around on your Major and GE Progress Check on GOLD:
    • Are there other GEs you can finish? Other areas of the Global Studies major requirements to complete?
    • Always enroll in something, then make changes during a future pass time, but don't lose your chance to enroll in at least your basic full-time schedule - there's no guarantee that space can appear in an already-full course for you later, so you need to have a full-time schedule ready to go even if you plan to try to change classes later.
    • More ideas here.
  • Waitlists for Global courses:
    • These are NOT be prioritized as first-come, first-served - they're prioritized by unit count/class standing and by major status. (So, for example, a senior Global Studies major will be bumped to the top of the waitlist even if they added after someone who's a sophomore and/or someone not in the major yet.) We do this to increase the chances that everyone can get what they need to stay in good standing towards graduation.
      • ***Remember: we cannot guarantee access to any specific class in any specific quarter, even if you would like to graduate early for whatever reason, but we do work to guarantee an on-time graduation for our students who are making good progress in the major.
    • For elective courses, plan to crash the course day one - the instructor will make decisions for extra enrollment in elective courses. This may involve contacting the instructor to ask to be added to Gauchospace as a "crasher" given that courses will be held online if campus remains remote.
    • Crash Policy for Global courses

What if I'm not declared in the major yet, but I'm interested in changing my major/adding it as a second major (or I changed my major but it hasn't fully processed on GOLD yet)?


2. Searching for open seats and for electives - using GOLD's tools to help your search for elective courses OR just looking for courses to fill your schedule OR to meet specific GE areas

  • You can use the FIND COURSES link on GOLD to search for interesting courses in any department.  Just click on the departments listed alphabetically and take a look. 
  • You have more information on GOLD and can check for restrictions, pre-requisites and to see if a course might satisfy a GE.
  • You can also use the Advanced Search option under Find Courses on GOLD to search using filters for the specific types of courses you need (courses that are upper or lower division? Courses that satisfy a specific GE area? Courses that are still open? Courses that are a specific number of units? etc)
  • GE lists can be found here. Petitioning courses towards GE areas? Contact the College of Letters and Sciences advisors.


3. Still have questions regarding your major and/or academic progress?

  • Visit the Undergraduate Advising section of our website for all advising contact information, including with our peer advisors. Remember, if your pass time has already started, build a schedule that works, even if it's not your ideal, while waiting for an appointment so you don't lose the chance to enroll in some classes that will be suitable options.
    • Please email from your UCSB account (if you are a student)global-advising@ucsb.edu and include your name and perm #. Please allow at least one full business day for a response to your email (longer during more busy registration pass times, or at the start of each new quarter.)
    • For more complex situations, we recommend booking an appointment, but we ask that you first check your Major and GE Progress Check on GOLD and look through the resources above before you make an appointment. 
    • For quick questions and after reading through the resources and information above, many of our advisors offer drop-in hours most days of the week (held virtually during the campus closure.) If you don't get a response, the advisor(s) are likely meeting with someone else and will help you as soon as possible (or message you if you need to plan a different day to drop in.)