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Global Studies Undergraduate Advising - Frequently Asked Questions

Note: Shoreline links to schedule a meeting with our advisors are at the bottom of this page. Please read through the FAQs before choosing to schedule an appointment, since many of your questions may be easily answered with the resources below!

I have questions regarding registration, declaring the major, major requirements, and/or my progress in the major, including applying to the full major after completing the pre-major. Where should I start?

I have courses (or special foreign language clearance evidence/credits) I would like to petition towards Global Studies major requirements; how do I get started?

  • Petitions resources you'll use:

  • Basic criteria for courses you're considering petitioning (whether taken at UCSB or on a study abroad program):

    • The course has to be completed for a letter grade, and unless it's your last quarter at UCSB, you should wait to request the petition until after the final grade appears in the "all credit accepted" section of your Major and GE Progress Check on GOLD

    • You can only petition upper division courses towards upper division major requirements, but you can petition them towards lower division/prep for the major areas (esp. the foreign language requirement). If you're trying to petition courses into GE areas, contact the College of Letters and Sciences advisors.

    • Click here for a document explaining how to judge whether a course will be approved for various parts of our major requirements - as long as you follow the criteria on this page closely, you can be pretty confident that the course will be approved and you can plan your future quarter schedule(s) accordingly.

    • Depending on the type of foreign language clearance, it may or may not automatically appear in your Major and GE Progress Check on GOLD. Check there first before requesting a petition, but generally:

      • Most placement test credits will not require a petition - they usually appear automatically in your progress check, but know that it takes some time for the different computer systems to link up, so be patient.

      • Petition requests using a high school transcript for any part of the requirement OR a signed waiver = use the linked petitions form and process above

        • For a high school transcript, make sure it's been sent to the Office of Admissions as a sealed, official copy. Address can be found here. Once it is added to your records (this can take some time), we can look for it in your records, but go ahead and request the petition asap (just know we will not process it until we see the high school transcript in your records.)

        • For a signed fluency waiver from an instructor that teaches the language, attach the document to the form when you fill it out OR email it to global-advising@ucsb.edu along with your name and perm #.

  • Petitions timing:

    • Ideally, submit your petition request no later than 2 quarters before the quarter in which you plan to graduate (or by week 7 of your final quarter, if you'll be finishing the course during that quarter.) You can submit the petition earlier than that; however, declared graduates' petitions are processed first.

    • If you submit your petition request by the end of week 7, it will be processed the same quarter. If you submit it in week 8 and beyond, it will likely wait until the following quarter.

      • If your petition request is submitted beyond week 7 AND you have declared candidacy for graduation that quarter, please email global-advising@ucsb.edu to let us know so we can watch out for it

      • After that, it goes to the College of Letters and Science for approval; once approved, which can take several days to several weeks, you will see the change in your Major and GE Progress check. It will be approved in time for the Office of the Registrar to process your final degree as long as you submit the request before the end of the quarter

I am interested in studying abroad! How do I get started, and how do I plan my time abroad to meet my major requirements (if desired)?

  • We definitely support you in going abroad if possible during your time at UCSB - please see our Study Abroad page for full details on this!

I'm a senior getting ready to graduate soon; what do I need to do?

  • Here's a link to a great video to watch on our YouTube channel; it will go through topics like:

    • Checking your Major and GE Progress Check 2-3 quarters before you intend to graduate so you can make sure you're on track with major requirements - especially the foreign language requirement!, GE requirements, and unit requirements (especially upper division units, which you can only complete at a 4-year institution)

    • How to declare candidacy for the quarter you intend to be done (and what the difference is between "declaring candidacy" and the commencement/"graduation" ceremony)

    • When and how to get your diploma

  • We also recommend using this checklist to make sure you're finishing strong

I'm a senior in my last quarter (or certain students in other, similar situations) realizing I can (or need to) take fewer than 12 units in a single quarter. What's the process with that?

  • You may want to look into the Academic Deficit and Fee Reduction programs with the College of Letters and Sciences advisors - these are two petitions you can file in order to:
    • Get approved (academically) to take fewer than 12 units
    • And, optionally, get a reduction on your tuition fees for taking a less-than-full-time schedule
    • INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: There's an extra piece of paperwork you'll need to do before you follow the steps outlined in the linked document above - discuss with an advisor in OISS to see if it makes sense in your personal situation to do this, knowing you have extra visa considerations.

I'm starting to think about career planning and job searching. What can I do with a Global Studies major, anyways?

  • GREAT question! Global Studies is a major you can use to jump into a lot of potential jobs and career fields - our grads have gone on to work in fields related to international development, governmental agencies, business both at home and abroad, education, health, social services...the list goes on!
  • The fact that Global Studies is such a wide-open major is both exciting and freeing...and scary (because we'd all rather be handed a specific list of careers and job titles that "work" with Global Studies, right?) It doesn't exactly work that way, but here are some resources to check out to get started on the right path as you explore career fields and potential jobs related to this major:

I'm experiencing a really hard time academically or personally (or both) right now - what resources can I access to get help?

  • It's so great that you're reaching out for assistance! Here are some resources to get you started, and please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any further assistance:

    • CLAS: this is UCSB's tutoring center. There are a ton of resources available to students here, even while campus is closed. Global Studies majors might find it particularly useful to use their writing tutoring services (they help you improve and feel more confident about your writing assignments) as well as their study skills workshops (particularly during online learning - it is NOT easy for students who are not used to taking courses online!)

    • One of the best things you can do to help your experience in a course (that too many students do not take advantage of) is arranging to meet with your professors or TAs for help. If you do this when the struggles are smaller, it might prevent the struggles from getting much bigger (and even if they do, your instructor knows you more as a person and might be more willing to work out a plan with you versus if you are waiting until the very, very last minute to reach out, when your instructor may not have as much freedom or as many options to help you).

    • If it's getting to the end of the quarter, you might want to know what your options are if you're starting to think there's no way you'll finish all of your coursework in time for the end of the quarter (or let's say something urgent has happened and you completely missed a final or a final assignment.) What next? 

      • This video walks you through your four main options (informal extensions worked out with your instructor, incomplete grade petitions, late drop petitions, and full withdrawal from the university).

      • The description box on the video has links to the original slides file so you can access links to each of the petitions mentioned, or you can find most of them either on the College of Letters and Science petitions page or the petitions page for the Office of the Registrar, depending on where you turn them in.

    • CAPS is our on-campus mental and emotional health center - their website has a range of services available (from more informal online resources and group therapy sessions all the way up to one-on-one counseling and therapy sessions.) To get started, you fill out a referral, and then someone contacts you about the services that make the most sense for you. However, if you or someone you know is experiencing a more immediate mental (or physical) health crisis, CAPS also has a 24/7 crisis hotline that can connect you with immediate resources - find access to that here.​​

    • See our main Undergraduate page for a section on general campus and student resources that might be useful to you at some point in your time at UCSB!

How do I get on the undergraduate email list for Global Studies majors? (And how do I get off it after graduating?)

  • You are automatically added to the email list when you declare the major using your UCSB email address; if you are not getting regular emails from us, please check your spam folder(s) and then contact us at global-advising@ucsb.edu if you're still not seeing the emails.
  • For directions on how to unsubscribe from the email list, take a look at the directions here.

I want to drop the Global Studies major; what do I need to do? (And how do I get off the email list?)

  • To drop a major, all you need to do is complete a change of major petition. On the lines where you're changing "From" and "To," you'll put that you're changing "From" your current major (Global Studies, or Global Studies and your second major, if you have one), then for "To", you'll put just the one major you want to keep OR change to (catalog year is usually the year you started in the major, but you can check your degree audit on GOLD if you're not sure about this.). If you're completely changing to a different major, contact that department's undergraduate advisor for their signature and any information you might need to know about joining their major.
  • Then, you only need to add your own signature to the petition (no Global Studies department signature needed), and submit it to the Office of the Registrar at GraduationMatters@sa.ucsb.edu (or take it to the Office of the Registrar drop box, if campus is open for business).
  • I'll leave you on the email list for now, but if you decide you don't want to be on there any longer, take a look at the directions here.

I still have questions and would like to discuss further with advisor - how do I do that?

If the resources above do not answer your question, please reach out to the undergraduate advising office through these options:

  • Email the undergraduate advising office from your UCSB email account, if you are a UCSB student at global-advising@ucsb.edu and include your name and perm #. Please allow at least one full business day for a response to your email.

  • For virtual advising options (over Zoom or the phone) during the campus closure, including scheduled appointments (great for more in-depth issues) and drop-ins (great for quick clarification questions), please see details below.

Meet your advisors!

Meet with Meghan for help with:
  • General advising questions (picking classes, progress checks, course planning) + more complex advising issues (returning Gauchos, course petitions, research + internship opportunities, enrollment/waitlist issues)
  • To book an appointment with Meghan, click here. Drop-in advising is also available most afternoons 2-3:45 M-F if no conflicting meetings arise; check out this document for details.
  • For many Frequently Asked Questions, click here for some ideas
Meet with Taylor for help with:
  • General advising questions (picking classes, progress checks, course planning) + more complex advising issues (returning Gauchos, course petitions, research + internship opportunities, enrollment/waitlist issues)
  • To book an appointment with Taylor, please use this link. NOTE: Taylor started as our new part-time advisor in early December, so please have patience as she quickly learns all of the Department of Global Studies policies and procedures.
  • For quick questions, Drop-in Hours will run from 12-1pm Mon-Fri (if no conflicting meetings arise).

Meet with Emily for help with:

  • General advising questions (change of major questions, picking classes, progress checks, course planning)
  • To book an appointment with Emily, click here
  • To attend Emily's drop-in hours on Zoom for quick questions (10-11am Mon & Wed), click here

Meet with Lia for help with:

  • General advising questions (change of major questions, picking classes, progress checks, course planning)
  • EAP advising (brainstorming program ideas including financial aid resources, discussing class options for the Academic Planning Form, checking on course petitions options upon your return from study abroad, etc)
  • To book an appointment with Lia, click here
  • To attend Lia's drop-in hours on Zoom for quick questions (9-11am Tues & Thurs, 10-11am Fri), click here

Meet with Viviana for help with:

  • EAP advising (brainstorming program ideas including financial aid resources, discussing class options for the Academic Planning Form, checking on course petitions options upon your return from study abroad, etc)
  • To book an appointment with Viviana, click here
  • To attend Viviana's drop-in hours on Zoom for quick questions (1-2:30pm Tues & 1-2pm Thurs), click here