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Career Planning + Research Resources

Searching for a job, an internship, a whole career path, and everything in between can be stressful, and it will most often take longer than you think it will. If you’re just starting out, and especially if you don’t have a lot of experience in the working world yet, know that it will feel like a very weird time likely marked by self-doubt. If you’re a current student, you can start laying the groundwork for discovering your interests, skill areas, and career preferences now so that you’re in a good place to start searching later.

One big thing to keep in mind:

Your first job search out of college is likely to be one of many job searches you perform in the future, so don’t put extra pressure on yourself this round to land the “perfect” job. Start in a job that works well enough for you (enough $$ to live, a good learning environment, a place to make connections) and if you love it, great! If not, use it as the stepping-stone to your next job (and your next job after that, and so on).

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Getting Started

  • UCSB Career Services offers 1-on-1 advising, assessments to see what career fields might be a good fit for further exploration, resources to help strengthen your cover letter/resume/interviewing skills, grad school application help, and more!

  • Here’s a sheet that a previous Global Studies advisor used to have available for students - lots of books and articles to get in the right mindset for discovering what to do with the major, etc.

What Color is Your Parachute is the classic book for just helping you discover types of jobs and job environments that might be a good fit for who you are as a person - again, it won't magically bring a job or internship to you, but it will help you narrow your search down to positions that are good fits for you so that your searches will narrow down and, if you’re applying, your resume and cover letter have a better chance of landing you an interview.

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