Registration Blocks & Substitutions

Pre-Requisites, Non-Major, No Seats, Etc.

When trying to register, you may be blocked from a course for several reasons - read GOLD very carefully to know exactly what's going on:

  1. Major status – course not open to non-majors (i.e. Sociology courses)
  2. Pre-requisite not met – see general catalogue for pre-requisite info.
  3. No seats left or dept. has blocked enrollment
  4. Course blocked for upper division students (90 units or more)

Being a Global Studies major, unfortunately, does not allow you to bypass these blocks even if the course is a choice listed on the Global Studies major sheet (and so, the Global Studies undergraduate advisor cannot help you with an approval code for these courses.)

You can try contacting the undergraduate advisor for that course's department or the instructor to see what the chances are of adding in to the course as a non-major (sometimes these courses open to non-majors during pass 2 or 3), but I would not recommend asking for an approval code if the course is blocked to non-majors. Instead, ask if there will be a way for non-majors to add into the course after pass 1 (etc) or what your chances would be if you crashed the class during week 1, but be prepared to be told that only declared majors will be allowed in and make alternate choices.

In the mean time, register for other classes that will let you in. Visit the Registration Resources section of our website for full schedule planning help (and some options for what to do if your preferred classes are already full.) Make a “back-up” list for courses you couldn’t get into and go to the first lecture to see if they are adding any students.